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Xenon White LED 6000K Number Plate Light Bulbs

Xenon White LED 6000K Number Plate Light Bulbs

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Bright White 6000K LED Bulbs for Number / License Plate

Elevate your vehicle's lighting game with this pair of Bright White 6000K LED bulbs designed for number plates and license plates. These LEDs are a perfect fit for a wide range of car models, making them a popular choice due to their versatility.

Key Features:

  • PAIR of Bulbs: This package includes two high-quality LED bulbs.
  • Common Fitment: The most common fitment for cars, suitable for number plate lights, reading lights, and more.
  • Error-Free (Canbus Safe): These bulbs are designed to work without triggering error codes, ensuring a seamless performance.
  • 1-Year Warranty: We stand by the quality of our product with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

These LED bulbs are not just about aesthetics; they enhance safety by providing increased visibility. The bright white light gives your vehicle a modern and clean look. Whether used in reading lights, side lights, or number plate lights, they add a touch of sophistication to your car.


Installation is a breeze. Simply plug and play! LEDs are polarity sensitive, so if they don't illuminate at first, remove, turn them 180°, and refit for proper functionality.

Before placing your order, please check the compatibility of these bulbs with your existing ones, as compatibility may vary based on your vehicle's model.

Experience top-tier lighting for your car and enjoy a safer, more modern look on the road.

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