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DRL Daytime Super White Xenon Lights Bulbs

DRL Daytime Super White Xenon Lights Bulbs

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DRL Daytime Super White Xenon Lights Bulbs
Upgrade your yellow Lights to Modern Xenon White

Superb Quality & Design
- CE & RoHS Compliant
- Direct Replacement
- 5000-6500k
- Error Free (Canbus Safe)
- Price is for 2 bulbs (pair)

These bulbs will give your vehicle a cleaner more modern look, with a nice white light.
The xenon gas allows the bulbs to run considerably longer than standard halogen bulbs.
Any yellow color which is normally shown gets filtered down by the blue lens & can achieve up to 50% more brightness than standard bulbs.

No Soldering or Wiring required, Direct Plug & Play.

Note: These are designed to be much whiter than standard bulbs as shown in the pictures, however please do not expect them to be as white or as bright as genuine Xenon's (HIDs).
If you could get a halogen bulb to do this then Xenon's would not exist.
We prefer to be completely honest, unlike other eBay sellers which will promise you the world and not deliver.

Give your Car the lighting it deserves
Before ordering please check your existing bulbs for compatibility as some models may vary.
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